Beer Challenge Photos

First of all I need to apologize for not updating my blog for months! Yes, it has literally been months since my first blog post! I guess I haven’t gotten into it as much as I thought I would in the beginning, but I hope that is about to change!

So I just thought I would check in today with some new photos! I’m a member of an awesome photography group on Facebook and we have this weekly challenge where the winner of the week before gets to choose the new theme for the next week. This week the theme was beer.  I had a few ideas I wanted to try and my handsome boyfriend Casper agreed to be my model.

I was thrilled and he did an amazing job! He even came up with some of the poses himself, so I was very proud of him. It was so much fun and I know he enjoyed it even though he had his doubts at first. I even let him drink the beer afterwards so that made up for the photos.

So here are the results of our little afternoon shoot with beer! Hope you enjoy!


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