Featured on My Four Hens Photography’s blog – Twice!

This morning I was just looking around the web when I figured I hadn’t checked Sonnie Mather’s Facebook photography page for awhile. I went and then I saw my photo in a link on her page! I had to blink a few times and look carefully, but it was true, it was my photo and that sparked my curiosity. I pressed the link on her page and it took me straight to the blog post where the winner and some eye candy from the “seasons” theme of the 52 weeks project was posted.

I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled in eager to find out if my photo had really been chosen as one of Sarah’s favourites. I did not get disappointed.  It was there. My photo was there in her blog post, and I immediatly jumped up from the couch in excitement! (My boyfriend was sitting next to me, and he told me he got a little scared of me and thought I was going crazy or something!) My face was one big, huge smile!

And to make my day even better (I thought it wasn’t possible because it was already pretty great!) I found out that a second photo of mine had been featured as a favourite on the blog as well for the “texture” theme! And I was even more excited than before!

You can find my featured photo for the “seasons” theme here and my featured photo for the “texture” theme here.

These are the two photos of mine that are featured:

PS. I hate that when I upload more than one photo it makes the photos this small, but I simply can’t figure out why, so if anyone, who knows wordpress, can tell me what I am doing wrong, it would be so helpful!


Dream big {a little reminder}

Just a little reminder to dream big and reach for the sky!

To never let go of your goals and to always try your best and keep going even if you might fail!