Beautiful Sunsets and Crab Hunting at the Beach – Vacation 2013

Here is a little selection of photos from my vacation this year camping near the beach. We didn’t travel far and stayed in the country, but that is fine since the weather has been absolutely perfect the last couple of weeks. Full sun all day and just beautiful weather in general! And look at these beautiful sunsets! I was in heaven.

2013-07-25_0007 2013-07-25_0001

Some children crab hunting on the bridge before we went out there. These kids got a lot of crabs! I was so impressed!


It was a week of relaxing and spending time with family, enjoying the little things like grilling delicious food, eating ice cream and taking walks along the beach. Everything was so peaceful and mostly relaxing, and I really needed that after working a lot this summer break. I regained my love for colouring Mandalas and playing cards with my cousins. It was a week for reading books and finding inspiration everywhere. We went crab hunting on the beach and watched the sunset almost every night. Pure bliss. We saw wild horses and foals in the woods of Langeland (but more on that in another post). We went shopping one of the days and had a beautiful omelet for lunch, and the sun was shining in our faces, warming our bodies and putting smiles on our faces. Just sitting here and remembering that week puts a big cheesy smile on my face. I really, truly love my family so incredibly much! Thank you all for this amazing week together!

This photo is one of my favourites from the trip. I think it’s the simplicity of it that I love or maybe the candid moment since it was not posed or maybe it is the small bokeh balls in the ocean. I know it’s not the best photo in terms of composition and sharpness and in just in general, but it makes me feel something and to me, that is all that matters when taking photographs.

Hair blowing by the ocean


Disclaimer: No crabs were hurt in the process of making these photos, and all the crabs were released again afterwards.

Being impatient and sad he hadn’t caught a crab already after a few tries.


“I have one! I have one!” “Pull it up! Pull it up!” “Oh no it hopped off…. Oh wait, I have one more! Yeah I got it! Look look look!”


“Wow, that’s a big one, dad! Look how cool it is!” “It sure is son, it sure is.”


I hope you are all enjoying this amazing summer time and having the time of your lives!

Much love! xx