Week 2/52 – Imperfection

This week I was slow to take my photo. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to take a photo despite my commitment from last week. This week has been rough, but I know better times are ahead – I just have to look a bit further to find them. So without further ado here is my photo for week 2 with the theme “imperfection”. And that theme perfectly describes how this week was – totally and completely imperfect, but it taught me so much about myself, my life and who I can count on when I really need it.

The caption for this weeks photo: “This photo is the essence of imperfection. The person who took it is imperfect (me – I’m not perfect and will never claim to be. I go through struggles and good times, and I don’t have a perfect life despite what anyone may or may not think), the photo itself is imperfect (the focus is off, the photo was very noisy before I edited it, the exposure is not perfect, the colours are not what I originally wanted, the composition is not after “the book” – I think you get what I mean), the subject of the photo is imperfect (the flower was fading and turning brown). But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Imperfection is everywhere. Nobody/nothing is perfect and we have to accept that it is totally okay.”

Week 2/52 - Imperfection

Happy weekend, friends! Hope it is a beautiful one for you!



6 thoughts on “Week 2/52 – Imperfection

  1. You have made imperfection look so beautiful Mia! No one is perfect! You are way closer to perfection for your age that many others!
    PS: I just love the yellow and brown in this picture that compliment each other so well in this picture!

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