Week 4/52 – Joy

This weeks theme was amazing for me! There are so many things I find joy in, that bring me joy and that I find joyful so I had hundreds of ideas floating inside my head. That unfortunately also meant that only one of these ideas could come to life (at least for this weeks photo). I had a hard time narrowing down what exactly I wanted to do with this theme because I found that there were endless possibilities! Ultimately I had to go with my first intuition and idea and photograph my wonderful dog, Nicky. He is the most caring, kind and sweet dog you will ever meet. And quite frankly I think he is also the cutest, but I might be biased… 😉

Without further ado here is the caption and photo for week 4 of my little Project 52!

Caption: You are the most amazing dog, and I couldn’t ask for a better family member than you. I’m so lucky I get to call you mine, and that I get to see you each and every day. I love when we go for walks together and you want to smell everything. You can do so many tricks like sit, lie down, shake hands and play dead – I think that’s pretty good for such a small dog like you! I’ve been trying to teach you more languages (because i’m a language nerd), and when we are getting ready to take a walk, I will ask you in both German and English if you would like to go for a walk, and you either respond with this cute head tilt like you do below or with nothing at all. We’re still working on it, and you’re definitely getting better, but so far only Danish is what you will respond to and can understand. You bring me so much joy and when I come home, even if I have just been gone for 5 minutes, your face lights up in joy and happiness, and you wag your tail like crazy. I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at you and your sweet and cute little wrinkly face. When you tilt your head like you do in the photo it melts my heart. You are the best dog a girl could ask for, and I love you to pieces! ❤

Week 4/52 - Joy

Happy Wednesday, friends! x



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