Week 7/52 – Focused

This week was full of birthdays in my family! Both my paternal grandma, and my little brother had their birthdays this week and so time was spent celebrating them both while we were on vacation. Now we are back home again and ready to take on a new week filled with school, a new theme for my 52 week project and one of my friend’s birthdays! It should be a great week, and I can’t wait to take another photo for this new week’s theme! Stay tuned for that photo later this week!

And here is my photo for the theme “Focused”. These two were very focused on playing their frisbee, and I was focused on them.

Week 7 - Focused

Happy Monday, and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you! x


Week 6/52 – My Paradise

First of all I apologize for this being late! I was on vacation last week and just didn’t want to spend all my time on the computer so I postponed my post until I was back home again! Hope that is okay because I still took the photos for the themes!

It was an amazing vacation and I enjoyed my time away from school and the daily life. We swam a lot in the indoor pool (way too cold to swim outside!) and took long walks on the beach as you will see below. We ate amazing food and just enjoyed ourselves and had fun playing games and relaxing inside where it was much warmer than outside. We drank hot chocolate after walking in the freezing weather and it was just very cozy in general! That little trip was so needed, and I’m so thankful we got to do it with my father’s family! There is nothing better than spending time with family in my opinion!

Here is my photo for the theme “My Paradise”. The beach is definitely my paradise, and if I could, I’d live on it forever.

Week 6 - My Paradise

Happy Monday and I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend with your loved ones! x

Week 5/52 – Noise

I struggled a lot this week as to what I should do. I felt really behind all week because I had my exam on Thursday, and I studied like crazy in the days leading up to that so I had practically no time for photos or no time to think about it really. All my energy went to the exam. Then Friday I was completely tired and felt hit by a bus from all the nerves and “excitement” leading up to the day before so I didn’t feel like taking pictures also because I had no idea what to photograph! Then Saturday came around, and I just wanted to do nothing and relax, and I was still out of ideas for the theme. Then suddenly here we are on Sunday and I was still not coming up with anything, and I had to think fast so I asked my friends what they thought I should do and one of them suggested music. And then from there I knew exactly what I wanted to do! So I asked my brother to model for me and play his guitar because it is such beautiful “noise” that comes from that. He’s such a rock star! Thank you for helping me out little brother, I owe you one 😉

Week 5/52 - Noise


Happy Sunday, friends! Enjoy x