Week 5/52 – Noise

I struggled a lot this week as to what I should do. I felt really behind all week because I had my exam on Thursday, and I studied like crazy in the days leading up to that so I had practically no time for photos or no time to think about it really. All my energy went to the exam. Then Friday I was completely tired and felt hit by a bus from all the nerves and “excitement” leading up to the day before so I didn’t feel like taking pictures also because I had no idea what to photograph! Then Saturday came around, and I just wanted to do nothing and relax, and I was still out of ideas for the theme. Then suddenly here we are on Sunday and I was still not coming up with anything, and I had to think fast so I asked my friends what they thought I should do and one of them suggested music. And then from there I knew exactly what I wanted to do! So I asked my brother to model for me and play his guitar because it is such beautiful “noise” that comes from that. He’s such a rock star! Thank you for helping me out little brother, I owe you one 😉

Week 5/52 - Noise


Happy Sunday, friends! Enjoy x


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