Week 8/52 – Bright, 9/52 – Color Blind and 10/52 – Soft

I fell a little behind these past few weeks with my 52 week project so here is one big blog post with the missing photos! And now I’m back on track and ready to hopefully be on time again with my photos! Hope you enjoy these!

Week 8 – Bright:
This week I went to my sweet friend, Michelle’s birthday and celebrated her with some amazing friends and it was such a lovely day. I also had my mom’s family over to celebrate my own birthday this week (we are quite a big family so we need to do it over several days, but I don’t mind that at all!).

Week 8/52 - Bright

Week 9 – Color Blind:
This week it was my birthday! Woohoo! It’s not too bad turning 21 for the second time in a row after all 😉 This week I celebrated with my dad’s side of the family and the actual birthday was spent quite calm and relaxed with a delicious brunch and some amazing food for dinner (can you tell i love food?) and I also had some company over in the afternoon which was great! Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!


Week 10 – Soft:
Today was such a lovely day! We went out for a really long walk and the weather was amazing! The sun was shining while walked trough the woods. It was a sight for the Gods! So beautiful and amazing. Nothing much happened this week but I love weeks like this where there is no stress and everything is just so calm – it’s so good for my soul. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate my littlest cousin’s birthday with a lovely brunch! 



Happy Saturday, friends! Hope you are having an amazing weekend! 🙂